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Kitchens Blog Kitchen Remodeling Intro Where Do I Start When Renovating My Kitchen

Kitchen's Blog Introduction
Planning a New Kitchen

Introduction to - New Kitchens -
Getting Started Planning Manual

New Kitchens are indeed an exciting thing. It is fun to dream and aspire thoughts and ideas for new kitchens. Then - holding many of us in check - is the reality of the budget and dollar amount that we will spend for our new kitchen.

Reading up on the subject at a Kitchen's Blog and reading blog articles may be one of the best things you can do! You are off to a great start! Of course - like the rest of the world you are busy! Save our kitchen's blogs into your favorite! Review the information when you have time and you will find success with your new kitchen!

The first step when planning for a kitchen remodel is this. Answer the question - What Do I Want and What Do I Need?

Does your kitchen remodel entail a budget? Are you like most home owners with a close budget you need to follow for your new kitchen? Then find the best balance between these two items before you remodel your kitchen. You do not want to skimp - because you are investing a lot of money and want the work you do to be something you will be proud of!

You do not know what you want for your new kitchen? You have come to the right place! Take a complete inventory (write down everything on a notepad) of the needs of your home. Write down what your son says. Write down your daughter and even the daughter in laws :-) opinion. Talk to each and every member of the family, and write down what they like and dislike. Questions you may consider together may include what do you like about our kitchen now? What will we want to change? Do we have enough countertop space? Do we need more drawer cabinets? Is our kitchen's layout safe? Create your own special tote, file, or box with your kitchen planning information and pictures of kitchens you like from Google Searches, Magazines, and photocopies of books from the library.

When your new kitchen goals are understood, then moving on to hire a kitchen design pro. Who are Kitchen Design Pros? Another site goes into the details but in short Architects, Kitchen Designers, Interior Designers, and General Contractors / Remodeling Contractors are the four professionals who can help you.

One other important source of information - working with their busy scheduling of course - is your local building inspector. Do things the right way, stay up to date on building codes and inspect your kitchen to ensure safety when you do move ahead with your kitchen remodeling.

Sincerely wishing you the Best! I am trying very hard to make the kitchen planning information - Clear for your reading! There is such a wealth of information one needs to know - making this difficult. Your opinion matters! Please comment on what info you were looking for - and if you found it or did not so we can be sure to improve for the future! Thank You for reading!

Kitchen's Blog Introduction to a New Kitchen

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Introduction - New Kitchens -
Getting Started Planning Manual
Kitchen's Blog Introduction to New Kitchens

Monday, June 23, 2008

Kitchen Lighting Kitchen Lighting Planning Zoning for Lighting New Kitchens

Kitchens Lighting
- Include Lighting!
Large Kitchens Include
Zoning Kitchen's Lighting

Include Kitchen's Lighting

Planning New Kitchens
Include Zoning Kitchen's Lighting

Planning is the key to finding success lighting up your dream kitchen!

A smoker may find it difficult not to "lite up" no matter how hard he tries. The opposite is the case with kitchen lighting.

If a home owner does not "lite up" when doing the initial kitchen remodeling it just doesn't happen.

Planning must happen before the work is started to have the kitchen lighting blend in with the surrounding. As a smoker may say I'll quit smoking later on and it just doesn't happen, this is true with those who delay adding kitchen lighting.

Those who say I'll add lighting later are simply avoiding including a major part of their dream. They are also eliminating instead of illuminating an important element in keeping their kitchen a safe, warm, and a pleasant pleasing environment.

It is often said the way to man's heart is his stomach, and the heart of a home is the kitchen. Proven statistics have shown that dark kitchen's do indeed bring people down where bright kitchen's cheer up and inspire.

Kitchens that open up into dining, living, or family areas especially will benefit from bright lighting broken into lighting zones. Well laid out task, ambient, and ornamental lighting wired separately, and broken into lighting zones adds to any kitchen.

Larger kitchens especially benefit from well laid out task and ambient lighting. Guests being entertained can have the direct focus of light brightness, while the work in the kitchen stays in the shadows when kitchen lighting is broken into zones by lighting experts. Zoning the kitchen's lighting can also reduce your electrical bill.

Lay out the kitchen's design to fit your lifestyle. Proper planning with your kitchen design helps to ensure success. Local cabinet shops or home improvement centers often have experts to assist you with your kitchen design layout, still the decision of understanding the lighting that is right for your needs will eventually come back to you.

Planning is the key to finding success lighting up your dream kitchen!

Include Lighting!
Kitchens Lighting
Large Kitchens Include
Zoning Kitchen's Lighting

Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Kitchen Cabinet Sources Custom Cabinets Stock Cabinets Semi-custom Cabinets Cabinet Maker Shops New Kitchen Planning Guide

New Kitchen Planning Guide Article
Kitchen Cabinet Sources
Cabinet Dollar
Stock Kitchen Cabinets
Who Installs Cabinets
Custom Cabinets
Semi-custom Cabinets

Cabinet Maker Shops

New Kitchen Planning Guide
New Kitchen Planning Guide Article

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Kitchen Forum

Kitchen Cabinet Sources
Kitchen Cabinets can come from many sources. If you are considering remodeling your cabinet source may be the one person shop on the corner, or a cabinet factory on a plot of land covering several acres.

Cabinet Dollar
Cabinets vary greatly in price, depending on whether the cabinets are custom or stock. There also are cabinet varieties in between custom and stock cabinets as options for your kitchen. This wide range of cabinets creates a wide range of options for different budget levels.

Stock kitchen cabinets are the most basic choice for kitchen cabinets. Stock cabinets are options available off the shelf or within a few weeks from your local home building center, local lumberyard, or contractor. You also may have the option to order the cabinets yourself.

Installation options for your new kitchen cabinets include the dealer where you ordered the cabinets, a local contractor, or you can install the cabinets yourself if you have the skills it takes to tackle a kitchen remodel.

Stock Cabinets
Stock cabinets as built as individual cabinets in standard sizes so filler pieces may be required where the cabinets meet into the walls to cover gaps. With stock cabinets the styles, finishes, hardware, and accessories vary and you do not have customized options. This is why stock cabinets are about half the cost of many custom manufactured kitchen cabinets.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets
Custom kitchen cabinet manufacturers and semi-custom cabinet manufacturers also offer a wide range of design and options for your cabinet's styles, finishes, hardware, accessories, sizes , and configurations. With custom cabinets the range of choices is much broader and there are adjustments of custom made pieces. Custom made cabinets generally offer good to premium quality, and with the premium quality cabinets wait time for the cabinets may take up to 3 months.

Semi-custom Cabinets
Semi-custom cabinets have fewer options than custom cabinets, and cost about 30 percent less than cabinets from custom manufacturers.

Cabinet Maker Shops
Hiring a cabinet maker or working with a cabinet maker shop to build your custom cabinets is also an option. When hiring a cabinet maker to build your cabinets your layout or kitchen's design can be done with or with out the help of a kitchen designer or architect.

The advantage to having a cabinet maker shop build the custom cabinets is the fact that the cabinet units can be built in large sections. This means the cabinets can fit your site's measurements for example your base cabinets could be installed from wall to wall in your kitchen's design as one cabinet unit.

Custom cabinet shop cabinets may take longer than custom cabinets, still this all depends on the shop and how busy the cabinet maker you are dealing with is at the time of your kitchen remodel. Often your wait time for installation of your new cabinets with a local cabinet shop will be five to 20 weeks. Cabinet maker shops install the cabinets they build.

With a cabinet shop building your custom cabinets you have the luxury to ask for cabinets plans, elevations of the plans, and may even be able to see a list of items for each cabinet in your new kitchen including a list of accessories and hardware.

Please Comment! Did you find the information you were looking for? Let us know! You can also send an email with questions or to pass along any information you think would benefit our website - Thank You For Reading!

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Kitchen Cabinet Choices - Frameless Cabinets to Face-Frame Cabinets

Choices - Frameless Cabinets - Face-Frame Cabinets
Article Source:
Choices - Frameless Cabinets - Face-Frame Cabinets

Cabinets - Frameless Cabinets to Face-Frame Cabinets
Cabinetry: Choice of Cabinets Styles Makes the Kitchen
Cabinet Selection: Decide on Kitchen Cabinets Early

Cabinetry dominates the kitchen. Cabinet styles set the tone for how a kitchen looks and cabinet layout makes all difference in how a kitchen functions. How much cabinets cost establishes a new kitchens budget - up to 75 percent in kitchen remodels.

If you are a homeowner remodeling or a home owner building starting with a new kitchen, decide on your cabinet selection early. The decision on which cabinets to use affects how long the work takes and also sets the stage for choosing appliances, countertops, flooring, and many other elements related to the kitchen areas.

Kitchen Planning
Look at cabinet plans and pictures of kitchens from picture books, local kitchen design centers, home centers, home design magazines, and the Internet like you are doing are all great sources of new kitchen pictures and information for initial remodeling planning of kitchens.

Decide on on cabinet style choices, then look inside of the cabinets themselves, online, in magazines, the library, and choose some of the amazing array of accessories which are now available for the modern kitchen cabinets after you have established your kitchen's design.

Looking inside of the kitchen cabinets and looking at the construction of kitchen cabinets we see first of all a basic box. The cabinet's box is also called a case. There are two
styles of cases. They are either built as face-frame cabinets or frameless cabinets.

Face-frame cabinets are an American style of cabinets and are the most popular style of cabinets manufactured today.

Face-frame cabinets consist of a frame which consists of horizontal frame members called rails. The vertical cabinet frame members are called stiles. The rails and stiles are fastened to the front of the cabinet box and adds significant strength to the cabinet.

Frameless cabinets were started in Europe originally in the 1950's and still hold the term by some cabinet manufacturers as European style kitchen cabinets. A European or frameless cabinet is a simple box, and the doors and drawers nearly cover the cabinet's case completely.

Frameless cabinets are often associated with modern cabinet styles, still frameless
cabinets can easily be made to look more traditional with moldings, paneling, and other kitchen decor accessories.

Choosing the kitchen cabinet style that you like is the important thing. Remember to choose your kitchen cabinet style early. Everything else in your kitchen construction or remodeling project by your kitchen's contractor including your kitchen's design all centers around your choice of kitchen cabinets.

Wishing you Remodeling or Home Building Success with your New Kitchen!

Please comment on any questions you still have if you do not find the answers you are
looking for so someone can be sure to answer your question. You can also email us if you have further questions -

Thank You for Reading!

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Cabinet Choices - Frameless Cabinets to Face-Frame Cabinets