Wednesday, July 2, 2008

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Kitchen's Blog Introduction
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Introduction to - New Kitchens -
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New Kitchens are indeed an exciting thing. It is fun to dream and aspire thoughts and ideas for new kitchens. Then - holding many of us in check - is the reality of the budget and dollar amount that we will spend for our new kitchen.

Reading up on the subject at a Kitchen's Blog and reading blog articles may be one of the best things you can do! You are off to a great start! Of course - like the rest of the world you are busy! Save our kitchen's blogs into your favorite! Review the information when you have time and you will find success with your new kitchen!

The first step when planning for a kitchen remodel is this. Answer the question - What Do I Want and What Do I Need?

Does your kitchen remodel entail a budget? Are you like most home owners with a close budget you need to follow for your new kitchen? Then find the best balance between these two items before you remodel your kitchen. You do not want to skimp - because you are investing a lot of money and want the work you do to be something you will be proud of!

You do not know what you want for your new kitchen? You have come to the right place! Take a complete inventory (write down everything on a notepad) of the needs of your home. Write down what your son says. Write down your daughter and even the daughter in laws :-) opinion. Talk to each and every member of the family, and write down what they like and dislike. Questions you may consider together may include what do you like about our kitchen now? What will we want to change? Do we have enough countertop space? Do we need more drawer cabinets? Is our kitchen's layout safe? Create your own special tote, file, or box with your kitchen planning information and pictures of kitchens you like from Google Searches, Magazines, and photocopies of books from the library.

When your new kitchen goals are understood, then moving on to hire a kitchen design pro. Who are Kitchen Design Pros? Another site goes into the details but in short Architects, Kitchen Designers, Interior Designers, and General Contractors / Remodeling Contractors are the four professionals who can help you.

One other important source of information - working with their busy scheduling of course - is your local building inspector. Do things the right way, stay up to date on building codes and inspect your kitchen to ensure safety when you do move ahead with your kitchen remodeling.

Sincerely wishing you the Best! I am trying very hard to make the kitchen planning information - Clear for your reading! There is such a wealth of information one needs to know - making this difficult. Your opinion matters! Please comment on what info you were looking for - and if you found it or did not so we can be sure to improve for the future! Thank You for reading!

Kitchen's Blog Introduction to a New Kitchen

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Introduction - New Kitchens -
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Kitchen's Blog Introduction to New Kitchens


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Most people have some idea of what they want before they do kitchen renovation, but aren’t always sure how best to make it happen. The National Kitchen & Bath Association has developed some handy planning guidelines to consider that address what would-be-remodelers might overlook – such as having work surfaces at different heights, building in organizational devices, or planning the “work triangle” between stove, sink, and refrigerator. It’s a good idea to comb the Internet, look at magazines, and frequent kitchen showrooms and home shows to determine desired features before calling in the kitchen designer. The design can suggest what is feasible in your space and then offer more ideas while working in your desires.

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